Danube Restaurant | Giurgiu


The concept of this project is integrating a new construction in a beautiful natural site by creating a strong relation and lots of references with its surroundings.
The restaurant is located on the Danube waterfront, in Giurgiu, thus specific elements of waterfront landscape such as vegetation, textures and harbor structures, were used in the communication between interior design, architecture and landscape. 
Key elements strongly connects with local atmosphere, shaped using weathering steel in the façade’s finish and illumination panels, veneer in lighting, 6000 cubes of raw wood in decorative wall, metal net as a support for weaving ethnographic elements.
Combining Cor’ten with local reed vegetation, a decorative and lighting panel was created to complete the interior-exterior connection.
In pursue of integrating the new building in the local cultural landscape, but in the social one as well, the link with local traditional ethnographic history was generated by introducing specific symbols as a warm knitted colorful panels.